Hi all, my name is Sulaimi Bin Zakariah, I was born on December 30Th 1975.
I live in Singapore (Somewhere In Asia). I listen to a wide range of music, from Hip-Hop to classical. Even if there is a genre I do not particularly enjoy, I am sure to always respect and appreciate it for the art that it is. My favourite genre is definately Metal….
I’m into fitness but lately I’m slacking a lot😦
I’m new to blogging, hope you’ll enjoy my page.
Love & peace.
Sulaimi Zakariah

57 thoughts on “About

  1. Hi Sulaimi!

    I have noticed that you liked some of my “business opportunity posts” (Forever Living Aloe Vera) Would you be interested to join my team? Please contact me through my website and we can discuss further! You will find my email address there as well. Believe me its a great opportunity.

    Will be waiting for your email!
    Healthy regards,

  2. Hi,from all at isaminorthreat we just wanted to say thanks for the support and we wanted to link to your blog from ours via the links list, take care and keep strong

  3. Hello Sulaimi , Many thanks for following Dreamwalker’s Sanctuary, I am pleased to meet you, and wishing you also a very Happy New Year for 2013…. But also I wish you a Happy Birthday for the 30th. you were born in the same year as my own Son… A great Year…
    Blessings Sue Dreamwalker xox

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