Costomized Asian Beauty Collection

Costomized Asian Beauty Collection

You might have seen this hot babe, or rather hot babes, around before. We’ve posted a few of these pictures in our Hot Picks section. However, a lot about these photos are uncertain.

These are supposedly photoshopped pictures, originating from South Korea and Japan, a group who photoshop a cute face onto a sexy body to create the ultimate beauty. In Chinese these photos are often referred to as “Feng Su Mei Niang” , and there are over 5000 of them circulating the Internet.

It is unclear as to whether there is a centralized release site for these images, or whether it’s just widespread behavior of individual photoshop users who combine cute faces with big-breasted bodies.

Many have been labeling this model as someone called Lyna Tran from Vietnam, but there is no actual concrete information about Lyna Tran on the Internet. Tran is indeed a Vietnamese name; but since there’s no actual evidence of this girl in magazines, her own blog or any media, it is highly suspicious. Our guess is that Lyna Tran is the name given to one set of these photos which look similar. It is possible that Lyna is the name someone thought of for this customized beauty and this person continued to create different pictures of different outfits with the same cute face.

There are even some topless nude photos in these sets which further indicates that these images are not real. We will be sharing these topless photos we’ve found in a separate zip file, available below.

One rumour is that these images were created as advertisements for prostitution and escort services. Indeed, a lot of these pictures that circulate around the Internet have some Japanese or Korean labels advertising phone numbers and services.

At any rate, many people have been interested in these sets of photos because of the combination of a cute face and big breasts. These photos are undoubtedly enhanced with photoshop, but whether these girls are real or not is still a mystery. Comment what you think about them below!

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